I believe this is one of the best functions that social media can offer. It is definitely an important task to estabilish the trust between the brands and the customers. I also believe the social media provides a great platform for both sides to communicate, share, social, discuss, and provide services. Through the social media channel, it makes the customers feel closer to their favorite brands and obtain much more information as they would like to know. It is a win-win situation on the social markets. – Vanessa Fu


Life as a small business owner is all about trust. Trust is how we make consumers feel comfortable purchasing from us instead of big box stores and its how we get them to keep coming back. And through the world of social media, we have a slew of new ways to develop trust in our customers’ eyes to make them feel good about our business. But are you taking advantage of them?

Below are six ways SMBs can use social media to establish trust with customers.

1. Turn customers into allies

Social media works to break down the invisible wall that has existed for too long between business owners and the people they serve. Through blogs and social networks businesses are able to talk to consumers more intimately, to share information without selling, and to seek their customer’s advice on matters related to their business. Those that take advantage of…

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Social Consumers: Word of Mouth Marketing

This article does pass out an important information that an extremely powerful form of marketing is the Word of Mouth Advertising. Millions of people share with each other through Facebook and Twitter on all subjects from fashion to foods, from science to arts, etc. A study shown 81% of U.S. online consumers are influenced by their friends’ social media posts, compared to 78% for brands’ posts. So when a friend endorses a product on Facebook there is a higher level of influence and trust then just a brand promotion alone. The power of social marketing definitely can help the brands to promote more and more customers through the internet networks. – Vanessa Fu


Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) also known as Word of Mouth Advertising is: An unpaid form of promotion in which satisfied customers tell other people how much they like a business, product or service (Source: entrepreneur.com).

This is an extremely powerful form of marketing because the person promoting the business, product or service is doing so without the expectation of receiving any form of personal gain for the most part.  There are some businesses that have recognized the power of word of mouth and they have incentives for referrals.  For example, I went to a hair salon that offered free products every time I referred a new client.  The truth is, I only referred people there because I believed I was receiving a great product and would want what I considered to be the best for my friends.  And so, when a peer makes a recommendation they are putting…

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This is a good article showing how the social commerce getting work. Many brands are expecting the social networking to enhance their markets and customers but ends up failure. A good quote from the contents – “What brands and social commerce platform providers alike are beginning to understand is that, in order for social commerce to work, it has to first be inherently social. Not only that, there has to be some systematic way to measure the effect of social activity and engagement on sales.” Also, it points out 5 trends that make the social commerce to work and success. – Vanessa Fu


Before you start reading the article I’ll like you to watch a San Francisco startup GumRoad’s video to get some clear and visual idea in the real effect of Social Commerce:

A recent Bloomberg article ignited controversy over whether or not social commerce offers any real value to online retailers. Specifically, the article cited the fact that a number of companies like Gap, GameStop and J.C. Penney have decided to shutter their Facebook stores.

The reason why these large brands are taking such action is simple: nobody is buying anything on Facebook. “We just didn’t get the return on investment we needed from the Facebook market, so we shut it down pretty quickly,” said Ashley Sheetz, VP of marketing for GameStop.

Is the fact that these brands aren’t seeing significant returns enough to throw the social commerce baby out with the bathwater? Critics would say yes, but I beg to…

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When Fashion says “I Do”

Through the article, I am kind of having a thought that the social media can bring the fashion style from the traditional stores to your dress room, your bed room, or even your bath room. You can check out the up-to-date fashion trends currently happened, in Paris, in New York, in London, and any places in the world, to your iPhone/iPad through the internet media. – Vanessa Fu

From e-Commerce to f-Commerce

From e-Commerce to f-Commerce

Very interesting article. It seems like the social media will be focused on Facebook for the business markets in the near future. By checking on the statistic values, it seems like all the business will eventually connect to Facebook. Will there be a second or more social media join in the business? How the social marketing pattern will change? And how can we be in part of the circle? – Vanessa Fu

No More Call Centers: Needle Grabs $10.5M To Turn Your Fans Into Customer Service Reps

What a nice idea to provide better service for the customers. As we can figure that the social commerce is getting more and more popular along with the internet technology breakthroughs. In order to success and survive in the highly competed social marketing environment, new ideas and concepts have to be implemented to provide better service for customer satisfactions. It can be seen that in the near future, more and more social commerce sites shall get more interactions not only among the customers and the products, but also including the service experts. – Vanessa Fu