I believe this is one of the best functions that social media can offer. It is definitely an important task to estabilish the trust between the brands and the customers. I also believe the social media provides a great platform for both sides to communicate, share, social, discuss, and provide services. Through the social media channel, it makes the customers feel closer to their favorite brands and obtain much more information as they would like to know. It is a win-win situation on the social markets. – Vanessa Fu


Life as a small business owner is all about trust. Trust is how we make consumers feel comfortable purchasing from us instead of big box stores and its how we get them to keep coming back. And through the world of social media, we have a slew of new ways to develop trust in our customers’ eyes to make them feel good about our business. But are you taking advantage of them?

Below are six ways SMBs can use social media to establish trust with customers.

1. Turn customers into allies

Social media works to break down the invisible wall that has existed for too long between business owners and the people they serve. Through blogs and social networks businesses are able to talk to consumers more intimately, to share information without selling, and to seek their customer’s advice on matters related to their business. Those that take advantage of…

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