This is a good article showing how the social commerce getting work. Many brands are expecting the social networking to enhance their markets and customers but ends up failure. A good quote from the contents – “What brands and social commerce platform providers alike are beginning to understand is that, in order for social commerce to work, it has to first be inherently social. Not only that, there has to be some systematic way to measure the effect of social activity and engagement on sales.” Also, it points out 5 trends that make the social commerce to work and success. – Vanessa Fu


Before you start reading the article I’ll like you to watch a San Francisco startup GumRoad’s video to get some clear and visual idea in the real effect of Social Commerce:

A recent Bloomberg article ignited controversy over whether or not social commerce offers any real value to online retailers. Specifically, the article cited the fact that a number of companies like Gap, GameStop and J.C. Penney have decided to shutter their Facebook stores.

The reason why these large brands are taking such action is simple: nobody is buying anything on Facebook. “We just didn’t get the return on investment we needed from the Facebook market, so we shut it down pretty quickly,” said Ashley Sheetz, VP of marketing for GameStop.

Is the fact that these brands aren’t seeing significant returns enough to throw the social commerce baby out with the bathwater? Critics would say yes, but I beg to…

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