From the story in the 1970’s, it was shown the enormous impacts by the social media influencing both commercial and non-commercial markets. It can affectively used to lead and social about the politics, economy, society, human behavior, fashion, etc. and whatever you can think of. -Vanessa Fu


Introduced to the world in the 1970’s and initially implemented in Health related campaigns, Social Marketing is a unique discipline which uses commercial marketing tools to promote and achieve a non-commercial goal. The Social Marketing discipline aspires to accomplish social goals; to help the environment, benefit the community, contribute to society and so forth. For example, such an objective could be to prevent people from smoking in public places, to encourage paper recycling in offices, to remind people to use sunscreen or to avoid drinking and driving.

Although mostly accomplished by governmental and non-profit organizations, some commercial bodies use this method to be associated with such social or “green”goals. As opposed to commercial marketing, Social Marketing does not try to encourage a financial action but rather wished to inspire a positive behavioral change to better society or the environment. And even though a financial goal is absent, Social Marketing Professionals…

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